ENVY Fibro Therapy

Use your own skin cells for a younger look.

This revolutionary method makes your skin look younger, but it also helps remove acne scars or burns. And it uses body’s own natural skin cells, known as fibroblasts.

We’re talking about your own cells, so no allergic reaction is possible. Or any other negative reaction, for the record. The result is your skin that looks younger, has better texture, less scars, acne and imperfections. All done in the most natural way possible.

Who is the treatment for?

We do recommend Fibro Therapy to clients who don’t want to or can’t undergo one of the usual methods, such as botulin toxin and hylauronic acid application or mesotherapy. Reasons may range from allergy to being resistant, but ever more often, clients just ask us about the most natural method to solve their skin problems.


We are now able to create what is called an autolog implant from our client’s very own skin cells and then inject the new cells back into the middle layer of your skin. Fibroblasts start multiplying and evenly migrating here, thus producing new collagen and elastin fibres. The result is a different skin structure and a younger look. Your skin will be tighter, wrinkles will disappear, scars, burns and acne residues will regenerate. 


The whole process is based on your body’s own physiological reactions of the skin.

During the treatment

At the first meeting, we’ll need a small sample of your skin, which will be used to cultivate fibroblasts for further application. We’ll take the skin graft at our clinic, usually from behind your ear. The process only takes about ten minutes and is almost completely painless. 


The graft is immediately put into a solution and transported into an accredited laboratory. Here, under strict hygienic and technological rules, fibroblasts are selected and cultivated for a further 6 to 8 weeks. From the original 300 to 400 pieces, we are able to cultivate 30 to 100 million new cells. These are then transported back to our clinic, where they are injected into the middle layer of your face, neck or cleavage.


After the skin graft is extracted, the area of extraction is cleaned and taken care of. Usually, no stitches are needed and the tiny wound is gone within a week.


During the application itself, tiny bruises or swelling may appear. However, these are connected with injecting, not with the material used and will disappear within a few days.

Treatment repetition

It’s certainly a good idea to repeat the treatment twice or three times within the first year for an even better effect. Tests have shown, that wrinkles are far less visible after the first treatment and the overall improvement of skin texture is visible, too. The new cells keep the skin flexible and tight and they improve the healing process, too. Cells are also stored in a cryo safe of the laboratory for a maximum of five years. Thus, no new grafts are ever needed if you wish to repeat your treatment.

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


1st application (payment request, fibroblast cultivation, transport to clinic and other requirements) 1300,- €
all other applications700,- €
three applications package deal2500,- €

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