ENVY Therapy® Vital

Instant hydration and freshness of the skin with unique device Vital Injector

Pure and highly concentrated hylauronic acid will make sure you look energised for up to six months. How do we do that?

Well, the dermatologist injects highly concentrated non-crosslinked hylauronic acid into upper layers of your skin. The skin will thus be hydrated, fresh and nourished for at least 6 months. In the “traditional injection method”, the material is manually injected into the skin. However, the Vital Injector technology uses hundreds of painless micropunctures to completely cure the whole area. Even more important than the technology is the hylauronic acid we use. The dermatologist will choose the right one based on your skin type and needs as well as your age. All types of hylauronic acid at our clinic come from renown laboratories of the highest quality and will ensure a long lasting effect.

Vital injector device operates according to the Mesotherapy method- when the top layers of the skin get injected with hyaluronic acid enriched with vitamins and amino acids. The result is literally blossoming, hydrated, refreshed and nourished skin for a period of at least six months. In contrast to the "classical mesotherapy", when the material is applied to the skin "by hand", the Vital injector device can properly treat the entire area with several hundred mini painless punctures (approximately 600-700) within several minutes. The treatment therefore becomes more effective. Among the treated areas, apart from the face, the vital injector can be applied on skin of the hands, arms, abdomen and lower neck.

VITAL INJECTOR represents the latest hot news, which was first introduced at this year's World Congress in Monaco. We are very proud that we are the only clinic in eastern Slovakia, which owns this device.


Who is the procedure intended for?


This method can be applied already at an earlier age – around 30, not only for increasing skin hydration, as well as the prevention of creating first wrinkles.

• to suppress signs of skin aging

• after the summer to restore the skin's sun damage

• for immediate toning and moisturizing of the skin


The course of the treatment

Prior to the treatment itself, local anesthetic is applied to the area of the face, neck and lower neck - the pain is reduced to the minimum. Punctures are minimal and almost completely painless.

Absolute advantage of the device is the ability of vacuum. Vacuum separates the upper part of the skin from the skin vasculature, thereby completely avoids puncturing of vessels. The vacuum also acts as an anesthetic, thereby reduces the pain of injecting to a minimum.

The effect of the procedure lasts about six months.

The length of the entire procedure is approximately 1 hour. and 15 min. The first 30-45 minutes the face is desensitized via a face cream, the next 30 minutes the actual procedure takes place.



During normal mesotherapeutic facial treatment, one of the most often complications was bruising that with some clients persisted for several weeks. The more the skin was thinned and dehydrated, the more punctures were needed to undertake and the chance of bruising was increased. In case of Vital injector the risk of bruising is minimal. After the surgery, a client may be immediately included to everyday life.


Vital injector is controlled by a computer

The doctor chooses himself the depth of the puncture between 2-5 mm. In the area of hands, arms, abdomen, and neck the substance is applied deeper, in the area of lower eye lids, it is applied more on the surface. The vacuum device literally sucks in some part of a ​​skin to which the material is applied through micro needles.


Satisfaction of Clients

In a few months we were able to use this device with more than 50 clients. Clients were satisfied not only with the treatment itself, but also with the effect that was significant, especially in locations that were previously treated with difficulty- wrinkles under the eyes and wrinkles on the upper lip and neck.

Vital Hydrate 25+

The perfect cure for dehydrated and dry skin. Also serves to prevent the skin from getting old and to smoothen tiny wrinkles.

Vital Light 30+

Treatment for clients aged 30 and older to rehydrate and refresh their skin.

Vital Skinbooster / Restylane Skinbooster 35+

Ideal for clients over 40 to refresh, rehydrate, strengthen and lift the skin on their face, neck and cleavage.


Juvederm® Volite 35+

Juvederm Volite increases skin density, refreshes and restores skin structure. The result is improved skin texture, a more flexible skin, a deep and long lasting hydration, firmer skin and a lifting effect.


During the treatment

Before the application, a local anaesthetic is applied on the face, neck or cleavage. The punctures are virtually painless.


The technology is also capable of vacuum suction. Here, vacuum separates the upper layer of skin containing blood vessels to avoid minor bruising. It also serves as an anaesthetic and makes punctures virtually painless.


The effects are visible for up to 6 months.


The treatment takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to be completed. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.


No recovery is needed, the risk of bruises is minimal.

Odstránenie kruhov pod očami a Vampire Anti age

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


Facefrom 250,- €
Vital Skinbooster, Restylane Skinbooster a Skinbooster Light 350,- €
Face, neck and chestfrom 500,- €

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