ENVY Therapy® Vital

Instant hydration and freshness of the skin

Pure and highly concentrated hylauronic acid keeps you looking energised for up to six months. The dermatologist injects hylauronic acid into the upper layers of your skin. This keeps your skin hydrated, fresh and nourished for at least 6 months. Vital Injector technology uses hundreds of painless micropunctures to completely heal the entire area. Even more important than the technology is the hylauronic acid we use. The dermatologist will choose the right hylauronic acid based on your skin type and needs, as well as your age.

The Vital Injector works according to the mesotherapy method, in which the upper layers of the skin are injected with hyaluronic acid enriched with vitamins and amino acids. The Vital Injector can properly treat the entire area with several hundred painless mini-injections (about 600-700) within a few minutes. This makes the treatment even more effective. Besides the face, the Vital Injector can also be used for the skin of the hands, arms, abdomen and lower neck.


Vital Hydrate 25+

The perfect remedy for dehydrated and dry skin. Also serves to prevent the skin from ageing and smooth out small wrinkles.

Vital Light 30+

Treatment for clients 30 years and older for rehydration and refreshment of the skin.

Vital Skinbooster / Restylane Skinbooster 35+

Ideal for clients over 40 to refresh, rehydrate, strengthen and tone the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.


Juvederm® Volite 35+

Juvederm Volite increases skin density, refreshes and restores skin structure. The result is improved skin texture, more flexible skin, deep and long-lasting hydration, firmer skin and a lifting effect. 

During the treatment

Before the treatment, a local anesthetic is applied to the area of the face, neck and lower neck - pain is reduced to a minimum. The punctures are minimal and almost completely painless.
An absolute advantage of the device is the ability of the vacuum. The vacuum separates the upper part of the skin from the skin vessels, completely avoiding the puncture of the vessels. The vacuum also acts as an anesthetic, minimizing pain during the injection.
The effect of the procedure lasts for about six months.
The entire treatment takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. In the first 30-45 minutes the face is desensitized with a face cream, and in the next 30 minutes the actual procedure takes place.

For whom is the procedure intended?

This method can be used at an earlier age - around 30 - not only to increase skin hydration, but also to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles.

- Suppress signs of aging skin.

- After the summer to restore sun damage to the skin.

- For immediate toning and moisturizing of the skin.


In a normal mesotherapy facial, one of the most common complications was bruising, which lasted for several weeks. The more the skin was thinned and dehydrated, the more punctures had to be made and the risk of bruising was increased. In the case of Vital Injector, the risk of bruising is minimal. After the procedure, the client can be immediately integrated into everyday life.

Important information

Do not touch treated areas for the first 24 hours, except for normal skin care and cleansing. Avoid any physical activity or excessive facial expressions in the treated area.

Avoid direct sunlight for at least one week after treatment.

We recommend visiting a beauty salon, sauna, solarium or laser treatment no earlier than 2 weeks after treatment.

A common reaction to the treatment is redness, swelling, bruising, itching or pain at the injection site, which disappears spontaneously after 2-4 days without treatment. Tissue may harden or a lump may form at the injection site. In rare cases, a change in skin color at the injection site and an allergic reaction have been observed.

In case of side effects that last longer than a week, the client must inform his doctor, who will prescribe the necessary therapy.

Mezoterapia kyselinou hyalurónovou

Odstránenie kruhov pod očami a Vampire Anti age

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ENVY Therapy® Vital
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The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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