Shaping the body with COAX CRF

Cavitation CRF radiofrequency procedure is used for fat dissolution and cellulite treatment

Approximately 80 percent of women have some degree of cellulite. Cellulite is the result of concentrated fat cells that have a rippling effect on the skin that is often compared to orange peel skin. In women, it is usually most noticeable on the thighs, hips and buttocks. You do not have to be overweight or of a certain age to get cellulite. Even some very young and slim women are affected.

The effect of the treatment

We use the devices COAX and EXILIS for effective therapy to reduce unwanted fat pads. Reduction of fat pads reduces the overall volume of the tissue and shapes the body - so called body shaping. In addition to volume reduction, the therapy improves the structure and elasticity of the skin, significantly reduces cellulite and improves blood circulation to the skin.


  • Reduction of fat pads.

    Body shaping, so-called bodyshaping.

    Reduction and mitigation of cellulite.

    Reduction and mitigation of stretch marks.

    General improvement of the elasticity and structure of the skin.

    Smoothing of skin irregularities, for example after surgical procedures (especially liposuction).

    Improvement of blood circulation in the skin.

    Improvement of local metabolism.

During the treatment

Our devices use a unique combination of ultrasound waves and radiofrequency, which act simultaneously on the fatty tissue. They achieve a targeted, highly effective and efficient body contouring solution. The ultrasound waves propagate through the skin and release dissolved gas in the form of small bubbles, resulting in cell dissolution and fibrosis. The radiofrequency heats the fat cells, breaks them down and sends them to the lymph nodes, where the body naturally gets rid of them. By reducing the number of fat cells and affecting the internal fat structure, the treated area becomes smoother, more elastic and less bulky.

The mechanical action of the ultrasound waves enables a uniform action on the otherwise resistant fatty tissue. The devices penetrate to the deeper layers of the fat. At the same time, the cooling system cools the skin surface and protects the delicate skin structure from damage. The high-frequency energy causes targeted intensive deep superheating. Metabolism is boosted, which accelerates the process of lipolysis - the gradual breakdown of fat stored in fat cells. The fat cells shrink and the fat layer shrinks.

Due to an ultrasound effect of 40 kHz, the fat globules are broken down and disintegrate. The lymphatic system of the treated person must be regularly supported by increased fluid intake and lymphatic drainage. Thus, the treatment consists of an initial vacuum massage, subsequent exposure to ultrasound and radiofrequency energy, and the procedure ends with a second vacuum massage. The treatment can be repeated after 10 days, during which the lymph flushes out broken cells from the body.


Pregnancy, lactation, infectious skin diseases, oncological diseases, systemic diseases in the acute phase, cardio stimulator, metal implants. Treatment should not be performed immediately after liposuction.

After the treatment

After the treatment, we recommend increasing fluid intake and eating a light diet.

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This procedure is available:

Prices in €

One area100,- €
package of 6 treatments550,- €
package of 10 treatments850,-€

The procedures are also available in installments

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