Fractional Laser- skin resurfacing

Skin reconstruction using world class laser technology

Fractional resurfacing may sound complicated indeed, but what all it means is we´ll basically peel off some of your skin using a laser. And to good effect! It’s called laser dermabrasion and it makes your skin look younger, firmer and healthier. It also unifies its tonality and texture and stimulates collagen production. This treatment is particularly effective to remove acne scars, hyperpigmentation, porous skin, circles under your eyes and thin surface wrinkles. Unlike other lasers, the fractional CO2 laser is used to treat not just your face, but also neck, cleavage, shoulders, hands and even breasts. The treatment is either done as typical resurfacing, or in the form known as micropeel, which does wonders to refresh your face.

Fractional resurfacing is a modern laser technology of dermabrasion, namely abrading the skin surface. After resurfacing, the skin is rejuvenated, firmer, and healthier, has a unified color and texture and also leads to stimulating the production of new collagen - the skin is younger. The procedure has maximum effect in case of removal of scars after acne, hyperpigmentation, porous skin, dark circles under the eyes and fine superficial wrinkles.

Fractional laser resurfacing is the latest trend in non-surgical rejuvenating treatments. Fractional technology causes only a partial ablation - removal of skin surface which ensures faster healing of the surrounding undamaged areas of skin.


In contrast to other lasers, the fractional CO2 laser can treat not only the face but also the skin of neck, decollete, arms, hands or even breasts.

The procedure can be implemented in the form of micro peeling – refresh of the face or classical resurfacing.

Who is the treatment for?

Clients with:

- Scars after acne

- Hyperpigmentation of the skin

- Fine surface wrinkles

- Skin with pores and oily skin

- Circles and wrinkles under the eyes

- Rejuvenating of dehydrated (wrinkled) and aging skin, when we talk about non-invasive resurfacing – rejuvenating of the skin without the use of a scalpel


What’s a fractional laser?

A fractional laser is based on a method called fractionated photothermolysis. It covers your skin with thousands of very thin laser beams, which overheat the skin upon impact. Between these points, pieces of intact skin remain, so the whole skin then recovers very quickly.

During the treatment

Anesthetic cream is applied for approximately 60 minutes in targeted part. It numbs the skin for a short time. In case of more sensitive people, the painkillers or sedating medicines can be used as well. After the skin is numbed, the area after the area is gradually treated.

Length of treatment: complete treatment takes about 20-30 minutes and the duration of treatment depends on the size of treated area, the density of the laser beams and the depth of penetration of the beam into the skin

Final effect is in two phases

1st phase: Immediately after the procedure - when the skin is created

2nd phase: Comes after 3-6 months, when the new collagen is being generated - which gives an effect called lifting – elastic skin




How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments is individual and depends on the "start-up" look of the skin – on the depth of scars or wrinkles, the amount and depth of pigmentation, age of the client and of course on the effect that the client wants to achieve. Mostly it is enough to take only one treatment but for better and more significant effect, it is sometimes necessary to take 2 or 3 treatments.



Immediately after the treatment, the skin turns red, the patient feels a burning same as after sunburnt. After the procedure the patient leaves to home care, where he/she treats himself/herself with recommended products. A slight swelling of the skin, particularly around the eyes may appear one or two days after the procedure. Two days after, the dark scab which gradually slough, start to emerge.

This process takes about seven days and the patient should remain at home care at this time. A week after the treatment, the skin is still delicately pink and sensitive to the touch. It is ideal to use protective creams with UV factor. The face makeup can be already applied in this period.


ENVY CLINIC - Zbrusovanie pokožky frakčným laserom (resurfacing)

Before & After

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


Complete face treatment- classic resurfacing350,- €
Complete face treatment + post procedural care package380,- €
Micro peeling- skin refreshing200,- €
Possibility of partial treatment on agreement - for example, only forehead or cheeks. The price is set individually depending on the size of the treated area.

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