Dr. Mahdi NASAB began his professional career at the Clinic of Burns and Reconstructive Surgery at Private Hospital Šaca in Košice after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of P.J. Šafárik, Košice and subsequently passing first degree attestations in the field of General Surgery and Plastic Surgery - He continued to develop his professional skills not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

He has completed several courses and workshops in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Scotland and the UK. He has attended several major international congresses. He holds numerous certificates of plastic and aesthetic surgery.


  • UPJŠ: Faculty of Medicine, University of P.J. Šafárik in Košice, General Medicine - June 1999
  • Bratislava 2003, Attestation in General Surgery, 1st degree
  • Bratislava 2007, Attestation in the field of Plastic Surgery

After a number of years of practical experience, he decided to build on his acquired knowledge and work experience and in 2010 he set up a private ambulance of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Specialist in VaserLipo and fat transfer
• Vaserlipo, tumescent liposuction – MUDr. Nasab was the first to bring this method to Slovakia
• Liposuction – removes fat from chin, neck, shoulders, knees, abdomen, hips, thighs
• Fat transfer – breast enlargement using own body fat, remodelling the buttocks and other parts of the body and face with fat
• Lipofiling - your own fat can be used to fill in wrinkles, scars, facial deformities, lips, breasts etc.


Other specializations

• eyelid surgery – upper lids, lower lids; Xanthelasma removal
• ear surgery (correction of protruding ear - otoplasty, torn earlobe surgery, ear and other piercings);
• facial surgery and procedures - facelift; minifacelift; tightening of forehead skin;
• Labiaplasty - correction of the labia; removal of hyper-pigmented irregularities, larger scale surgcal removal of pigmented nevi using skin transplantation; removal of excess skin on thighs; tattoo removal using laser; surgical reduction of scars;
• provision of health care in the treatment of minor burns;
• providing consultation for severe burns, non-healing wounds of various origins (post-traumatic conditions, diabetic foot, ulcerative bowel disease, post-radiotherapy conditions, etc.);
• removal of various skin and subcutaneous areas with local plastic surgery in deeper or wider areas;
• different types of scars and dealing with them;
• aesthetic treatment of injuries especially in the area of the face (various wounds) with focus on minimizing scars (possible cooperation with surgical or traumatological workplaces)


Liposukcia Vaser Lipo PRED a PO (Libor Komosný)


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