MUDr. Kožuchová has specialized in dermatology since 1997 and in corrective dermatology since 2000.

She gained valuable experience in dermatology in the Department of Dermatology at Šaca Hospital under the leadership of head physician Kuboň. Soon after, she started working independently in the corrective dermatology clinic. She gained experience in plastic surgery at the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Košice, where she completed a one-year internship focusing on esthetic surgery and later served as a guarantor.

MUDr. Kožuchová is a sought-after and recognized expert and holder of numerous international certificates in the field of corrective dermatology and computer dermatoscopy. She also holds certificates and permits for work with laser instruments. MUDr. Kozuchová is a long-standing instructor in the use of botulinum toxin and new techniques for the application of hyaluronic acid. Since 2013, she has been one of the two Slovak sneakers of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid technology and treatment at Allergan - the world's most renowned manufacturer of filling materials.

In addition to the more common applications of filling materials (hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, mesotoxicum, Vital Injector), MUDr. Kožuchová specializes in particularly sophisticated methods of hyaluronic acid application intended only for specially trained, experienced dermatologists - namely, the 3D method of non-invasive lifting with hyaluronic acid as well as THREAD lift - a thread lifting technique that can fill, correct, model, and restore ideal contours and postpone the need for a surgical facelift.

In addition to esthetic medicine, she also specializes in pediatric and general dermatology. 

Treatments offered: Scar removal, spider veins, excessive body hair, and treatment of the causes of a variety of skin conditions. 

Dr. Kožuchová also serves as the medical director of the ENVY clinic.


Niťový lifting - fitneska Bibiana

ENVY LIFT - 3D metóda omladenia

Zbrusovanie pokožky frakčným laserom (resurfacing)

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