FOTONA 4D - laser tightening and lifting of the skin

Non-invasive tightening and lifting of the skin

As with all laser treatments, it is advisable to perform this non-invasive method during a period without intense sun exposure. It is a combination of four laser methods that act in different layers of the skin in one treatment. The individual laser methods strengthen the skin in deeper layers and at the same time unify and smooth the skin surface. You will achieve the best effect if you repeat the laser therapy several times.

Ošetrením dosahujeme úplnú kontrakciu kolagénu vo všetkých štruktúrach tváre.

During the treatment

With two laser wavelengths (Er: YAG + Nd: YAG), the FOTONA SP Dynamis laser offers a comprehensive approach to facial treatment at 4 different levels.

Step 1 SmoothLiftin

SmoothLiftin intraoral laser treatment.

General improvement of the elasticity of the treated tissue, filling effect of the nosolabial folds on the inner side (overheating of the mucosa on the inner side of the cheeks and lips),
this mode can be used only with Er: YAG laser FOTONA SP Dynamis.


Step 2 Frac3

Non-ablative rejuvenation of deeper irregularities with the FRAC3 mode.

The three-dimensional fractional effect of the Nd: YAG laser in FRAC3 mode results in a low dispersion of the high temperature area, the treatment is performed from the outside of the skin, the non-ablative method specifically targets deeper structures to complement the effect of the intraoral procedure to restore skin texture. The treatment focuses on fine pigmentation, coils.

Step 3 Piano

Ultra long Nd:YAG pulse mode for thermal "tightening" of the skin.

Tissue heats very safely and quickly from the outside in, concentrating thermal energy in the subcutaneous layer rather than on the surface. The long pulse mode with brush technology, designed for large areas, improves the overall cut-off effect on the skin.


Step 4 Superficial

Gentle and cold peeling with Er: YAG ablation for the final clean surface treatment of the skin without heat component.

Gentle and cold ablation perfectly completes the entire treatment, improving the overall appearance of the skin and reducing skin imperfections without the use of heat.



Active inflammatory disease at the treatment site, active herpes, pregnancy, tanned skin, cancer, anticoagulant therapy, diabetes mellitus, suspected malignant skin tumor, autoimmune disease, heart disease, pulmonary and blood clotting disorders, hypertension, epilepsy, fever, retinoids / roaccutane / in the last 6 months, a tendency to pathological healing. 


After the treatment

After the treatment, we recommend applying perfume-free creams to the treated areas. After the treatment we recommend to treat the treated areas with soothing / regenerating creams, e.g.: La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 Balm or La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 Gel.

Do not use lotions containing alcohol.

We recommend avoiding sun, solarium, sauna and thermal bath.

It is necessary to use protective creams with UV factor.

The skin is reddened after the treatment. Gradually, a slight swelling may appear, which gradually subsides. Complete healing of the skin can be expected on days 3-4 after the treatment.

We recommend you to undergo the treatment when you have a few days off to regenerate.  


Before & After

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The procedures are also available in installments

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