FOTONA Smooth Eye

Non-invasive correction of the eye area - FOTONA Smooth Eye

Non-invasive treatment of the eye area that helps to increase collagen production, smooth wrinkles, strengthen the skin and improve its elasticity.

During the treatment

We first apply anesthetic cream to the treated area. After anesthetizing the skin, the area is gradually treated surface by surface.

The treatment takes about 20-30 minutes, and the duration of the procedure depends on the size of the treated area.



Active inflammatory disease at the treatment site, active herpes, pregnancy, tanned skin, cancer, anticoagulant therapy, diabetes mellitus, suspected malignant skin tumor, autoimmune disease, heart disease, pulmonary and blood coagulation disorders, hypertension, epilepsy, fever, retinoids / roaccutane / in the last 6 months, tendency to pathological healing. 

The effect of the treatment

To achieve optimal results, we recommend repeating the laser treatment about 3-4 times at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

FOTONA Smooth Eye

FOTONA Smooth Eye

FOTONA Smooth Eye

Before & After

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.

The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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