Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal by Q-Switched laser

Sessions are performed at 6-week intervals until the unwanted tattoos are completely "erased". During this time, between sessions, a natural filtering process takes place that removes the broken ink particles from the body.

After the treatment, you may notice redness and slight swelling. In some cases, smaller blisters may also appear. Pain, which is similar to tattooing, can be relieved by the local application of the anesthetic.

Since it is a gradual process of color fading due to the modern and specialized laser resolution without surface damage to the skin, at the end of the procedure you can hardly notice any difference between the skin after the laser procedure and the untreated skin. The color of your skin will be compact, without colors, spots and especially without unwanted tattoos!

During the treatment

The tattoo is removed gradually. Depending on the intensity of the pigment, 1-10 treatments are required. The tattoo fades gradually without damaging the surface. The Q-switched laser only "breaks" the ink by penetrating the beam directly into it, causing the ink to slowly dissolve and fade. Treatments are done at 6 week intervals until the tattoo is completely gone. After the treatment, you may notice redness and slight swelling at the site of the procedure. In some cases, smaller blisters may also appear. The pain, which is similar to a tattoo, is relieved by a numbing cream.

Before the treatment

At the initial consultation, we will recommend the number of treatments based on examination of the color and intensity of the tattoo. Tattoo removal is a long-term process that takes about 9-12 months.

After the treatment

We use the regenerating cream and also recommend its application at home for at least 3 days, twice a day.


- Sunlight.

- Pregnancy.

- Breastfeeding.

- Cancer.

Odstraňovanie tetovania

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This procedure is available:

Prices for city

Removal of permanent make-up
Eyebrows - 1 treatment
Eyebrows - 3 treatments
Eyebrows - 5 treatments

The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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