Course of study:

2017 - graduate of the Faculty of Medicine UPJš in Košice in the field of general medicine, completed internships abroad during her studies (Lisbon, Heraklion, Turin, Prague).

Subsequently, after graduation, a six-month internship in Turin (reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery).

2018-2020 - work in the surgical department in the Czech Republic, completing internships in the Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery in Vysoké nad Jizerou, Bulovka Hospital, participation in various congresses, courses and workshops in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine (BTX applications, injectable fillers, chemical peels, lasers, sutures, PRP, biofillers).

11/2020- Assignment abroad with a team of Italian plastic surgeons in Uganda.

2020- Clinic for burns, reconstructive and plastic surgery Košice-Šaca, admission to the attestation programme for plastic surgery

Continuous education in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.


Certifikát U225
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