Face CONTOURING with hyaluronic acid

Correct your features and emphasise your beauty

TEOSYAL®PEN is an innovative tool for precise and painless application of hylauronic acid and face contouring. Face contouring is a method loved by global celebrities. Its introduction caught the eye of the best aesthetic specialists worldwide.

Treatment effects

The cheekbone, jaw and chin line is highlighted, no one will notice your tired eyes anymore and we’ll also correct your nose, if needed. This is a unique yet natural method and it won’t change your face as such at all.

Korekcia sánky a brady

Sánka a brada sú často podceňované oblasti, no práve malé zmeny v kontúrach týchto častí tváre majú za následok celkové omladenie, skrášlenie a zoštíhlenie celej tváre. Kyselina hyalurónová sa tu aplikuje zväčša kanylou (najmä do sánky). Aplikujeme tzv. tvrdšie druhy materiálu, ktoré sa naviažu na kosť, vytvarujú sánku, doplnia objem brady a vydržia minimálne 12-18 mesiacov, u niekoho aj dlhšie.  

Can I also have my nose corrected?

Sometimes, the skin covering your nose is too thin and there’s just not enough fat to cover it. And it only gets worse with time. You’re losing tissue and irregularities once mercifully covered by fat are suddenly visible. There are bones everywhere. Well, we can fix it without a scalpel, using hylauronic acid. The effects are visible immediately and the result is a nice straight nose. We can also fix the body of the nose as such.

Hylauronic acid is carefully applied to selected parts of your nose to achieve the desired effect. We will choose areas where it takes longer for the acid to absorb and you’ll thus be able to see the effects of the treatment for several years. This treatment may or may not be a apart of contouring

Who is the treatment for?

The treatment is suitable for all ages.

Before the treatment

Don’t shave the area a few hours before the treatment and don’t use any odour, creams or any agents, that may cause irritation.


It is possible to apply the EMLA local anaesthetic before the treatment, but if it is combined with perfumed creams, an allergic reaction or skin irritation may follow.


Pregnancy, breast feeding, infectious skin diseases, oncological diseases, systemic diseases in an acute phase, herpes.

Area of application

Hylauronic acid is applied into the cheekbone area, chin or nose, as well as areas under your eyes. Your features are corrected.

During the treatment

Before the treatment, the doctor will carefully mark the areas that need to be filled in or remodelled. You’ll also be walked through the whole process again. Afterwards, suitable acids are prepared for each area. 


Once the treatment really starts, the material containing hylauronic acid is applied into the area. It is applied with an electronically controlled pen, using a cannula or a needle. 


The doctor decides the material and application form — area and desired effect are taken into account here. The treatment is painless; slight pain may appear, though, when special application methods are used.


However, we almost exclusively work with materials already containing anaesthetics, so the area concerned is already taken care of during the treatment.

Treatment duration

The duration depends on whether anaesthetics are needed. The treatment itself is not painful, but more sensitive clients may required the EMLA local anaesthetic. In this case, the treatment takes about 45 minutes. If this is not the case, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the treatment. Obviously, duration also depends on the amount of material applied and application areas.


No aftercare is needed.The effects of the anaesthetic will disappear roughly two hours after the treatment is finished. It is, however, very important to drink enough fluids in the next few days or even weeks. This is because hylauronic acid is hydrophilic, meaning it likes to attach itself to water. The more you stick to this regime, the more effective and durable the treatment will be. We also recommend you stay away from saunas, solariums and cryo chambers for two weeks. The area should also not be massaged and we suggest you don’t undergo any other facial treatments for the time being.


There is no recovery period and you’ll be able to resume your routine straight away.


Nothing significant is expected. Slight swelling may occasionally appear, though, but it is likely to subside the next day. When applying injected materials, we use a special light for the area concerned, to avoid bruising. Yet a small bruise may still occasionally appear, but it is easy to cover up with makeup.

Contouring tváre aplikáciou kyseliny HA

Contouring tváre aplikáciou kyseliny HA @martinahornakova

Contouring v oblasti líčok

Contouring v oblasti líčok

ENVY premeny - Korekcia brady

ENVY premeny - Korekcia nosa

Korekcia brady

Korekcia nosa

Nástrahy neodbornej aplikácie výplňových materiálov


Before & After


Special offer

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


1 mlfrom 300,- €
2 mlfrom 570,- €
3 mlfrom 820,- €
Nose correctionfrom 160 - 300,- €
Chin correctionfrom 160 - 300,- €

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