Tightening the facial skin - facelift, mini facelift; tightening the forehead skin - forehead lift; eyebrow lift; neck lift; lip lift

Facelifting is one of the invasive surgical procedures. During facelift, part of the skin is removed or excess fat is suctioned out. The skin is tightened, deep wrinkles are smoothed. The facelift significantly improves the appearance and results in overall rejuvenation. However, the texture of the skin after the procedure does not change, small wrinkles remain. Therefore, it is advisable to supplement the facelift with photorejuvenation, blepharoplasty, the use of botulinum toxin or injectable fillers.

Preoperative preparation

After an initial consultation with a physician, the patient will arrange for all preoperative testing. Medications that reduce blood clotting should be discontinued or replaced by a physician 10 to 14 days prior to surgery. We recommend not smoking, not drinking alcohol, and being in good health 10 to 14 days prior to surgery.

During the procedure

The facelift is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 3 hours. The surgical incision in the hairy part of the sleeping area continues in front of the ear, under the earlobe and around the ear. The incision ends in the lower third of the hairy part of the head. Then, depending on the technique chosen, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are separated from the muscular ligament layer, which is stretched, reduced, sutured or reinforced with sutures. Excess skin is removed. The wound is sutured, and if necessary, drains are inserted to eliminate possible bleeding. The head and the adjacent part of the face are bandaged with an elastic bandage.

The mini facelift is less invasive and general anesthesia is not required. 


Postoperative care

After the surgery, the client remains in the inpatient part of the clinic for 24 hours under medical supervision. Wound dressing is performed on the day of discharge to home care. The elastic bandage and drains are removed. It is necessary to wear an elastic face cuff for 2 weeks, as it shapes and supports the loose tissue.

Swelling and discoloration of the skin are normal in the postoperative period. They are the result of hematomas and bruising that occurred during tissue manipulation. Maximum swelling occurs within the first 24 to 48 hours and may last for several weeks. Bruising resolves within 2 weeks. The postoperative accompanying symptom is a feeling of tightness in the face. It resolves within a few weeks, sometimes months. The stitches are removed within 10-14 days. The elevated position of the head in the postoperative period helps to reduce swelling, and a rest programme is required. The patient is not allowed to smoke after the surgery. 



The patient can go about his daily activities 2 weeks after the operation and start sports after 4 weeks. Sun protection for a period of 3 months is very important.

The healing and convalescence process is individual. The ability to heal and the patient's attitude to postoperative treatment play an important role.

Possible complications

Bruises, swelling. 


Before & After

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