Needle-free mesotherapy

An excellent, very pleasant and completely painless instrumental procedure to improve microcirculation and reactivate skin metabolism. This is affected in everyone by normal aging processes, pollution, sun exposure and stress.

 This procedure with the Exhila device is a synergy between sonoporation and oxygenated air.

It supports the activity of fibroblasts, stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers. It also greatly improves the absorption of active ingredients from cosmetic products.


This treatment, also known as needleless mesotherapy, is performed with low-frequency ultrasound, which leads to the formation of microbubbles designed to facilitate the entry of active ingredients through the stratum corneum into the cell. Ultrasound thus completely painlessly increases the permeability of the skin for the absorption of active ingredients from cosmetic products.

Oxygenated air-osmosis

Oxygen is essential for the metabolic function of epidermal cells. It reaches the skin primarily through the capillary network by the circulatory system, which transports oxygenated blood. The purpose of delivering oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin and soft tissues is to support and improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. We apply it directly to the skin. The oxygen then dissolves into the tissue and improves the oxygen content in the intercellular fluids.

After the treatment

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, is absolutely painless, even very pleasant and requires no recovery. You can have it as a separate treatment, in combination with microdermabrasion or as part of a more complex cosmetic treatment. Depending on your skin type, we recommend repeating the treatment regularly. Then you will also see and feel the positive effects best.

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.

The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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