Threadlifting Aptos and Mesothreads

Thread lifting has a lifting effect because absorbable, firm threads lift sagging areas of the face. Mesothreads are made of biocompatible material and disintegrate within 6 months after they are inserted into the superficial areas of the skin.

We insert lifting threads into the subcutaneous fat layer to lift soft tissue and sagging skin, create volume in the desired area, support collagen fiber growth, and activate local blood circulation. Overall, we reshape, rejuvenate and lift the contours of the face. This procedure is not a substitute for a facelift, but successfully delays the invasive procedure. The effect lasts for about 2 years. We use firming mesothreads where the skin is sagging, thin, wrinkled and most importantly needs to be strengthened. Mezothreads improves the quality of the skin and strengthens it. The threads are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Threadlifting Aptos

The effect of the procedure

For thread lifting we use biocompatible Aptos threads, which are thin but extremely strong. After they are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, they attach to the subcutaneous structures, become part of the skin and gradually degrade in 12-18 months. They leave behind the so-called collagen track, which lifts and strengthens the skin.

For whom the procedure is intended

The procedure is intended for clients aged 30-50 who are not yet suitable for a surgical facelift or wish to avoid invasive procedures. The prerequisite is sufficient skin thickness, which is why we recommend consulting a doctor before the procedure.

The procedure

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After sufficient anesthesia, the doctor inserts the sutures into the subcutaneous tissue with a special cannula. The procedure itself is painless, the client feels only a pressure.


Swelling or hematoma may occur after the procedure. Asymmetry and slight deformities persist for a few days, so a recovery period of 3-5 days is appropriate. Faster recovery is facilitated by wearing a special headband, which is available at our clinics. The procedure is not a substitute for a surgical facelift, the duration of the effect is approximately 12-24 months.


The procedure is not suitable for clients with thin skin and allergies to local anesthetics. Pregnancy and lactation are also contraindications.

Possible combinations

Thread lifting can be combined with the use of botulinum toxin and HA acid.


The effect of the procedure

Mesonites strengthen the superficial parts of the skin and fill wrinkles, but have no lifting or moisturizing effect.

For whom the procedure is intended

This procedure is ideal for clients around 30 who are beginning to notice sagging skin, but whose facial contours are still intact. Mesonite is also an alternative to HA wrinkle filling with acid.

The procedure

The procedure takes a few minutes. Thank you to local anesthesia, it is almost painless. The number of inserted sutures and thus the duration of the procedure depends on the needs of the client and the decision of the attending physician.


Minor swelling and small bruises may occur for a few days after the procedure, although this risk is greater around the eyes. No convalescence is required and the client can return to normal life immediately.

Areas of application

- drooping eyebrows,
- some types of forehead wrinkles,
- naso-labial and nasomental wrinkles,
- sagging cheeks, chin,
- sagging of the skin around the lower jaw,
- congenital sagging of the cheek areas. 


Niťový lifting

Before & After

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The procedures are also available in installments

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