Elimination of dark circles under the eyes

Get rid of dark circles immediately with Teosyal® Redensity Eyes II

From the age of 30, more than 50% of women have bags under the eyes. Elimination of eye circles is a very simple procedure if the area under the eyes is injected with a special Teosyal® Redensity Eyes II preparation. It is an injectable gel based on hyaluronic acid, specially developed for the treatment of the soft and delicate area around the eyes. Besides hyaluronic acid, it contains 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and vitamin B6. The result is visible immediately.

How do bags form under the eyes?

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, delicate and easily detects signs of fatigue or aging. Bags under the eyes can appear due to various reasons - fatigue, poor blood circulation in the skin or an unhealthy lifestyle. Genetics is often the cause as well. At first, bags appear in the corners of the eyes, later they spread, causing the eyes to look sad and tired.

For whom is the procedure intended?

For men and women who face the problem of bags under the eyes. The product Teosyal® Redensity EYES II is not suitable for dark pigment rings and excessive bags under the eyes that require surgical treatment.

During the treatment

The area around the eyes is first disinfected. Then Teosyal is applied to the area of the bags under the eyes using a fine insulin syringe. The procedure is only slightly painful - the product Teosyal® Redensity EYES II contains lidocaine - an anesthetic that reduces pain and provides optimal comfort during application.
The results are visible immediately after application and last for an average of 12 months (clinical trial results).


Bruising, slight swelling or crusting may occur in the area of application, but will disappear completely within two weeks. Temporary imperfections can be easily covered with make- up.

Contouring a zväčšenie pier, odstránenie vrások a kruhov pod očami

Nástrahy neodbornej aplikácie výplňových materiálov

Odstránenie kruhov pod očami

Odstránenie kruhov pod očami a Vampire Anti age


Before & After

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.

The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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