Application of Botulinum Toxin

Prevent wrinkles and remove them quickly with botulin toxin.

We all know those tiny wrinkles that make us look just that little bit older. The solution is botulin toxin, one of the most popular ways to make you look young and fresh. Botulin toxin does not only smoothen your wrinkles — it is also the perfect prevention against them appearing at all. The effects are immediate and long lasting.

Application of botulinum toxin is together with application of hyaluronic acid the most often using method not only at our clinic but also in the world. Despite of longtime experience in application of this substance clients often have negative attitude to this method, their first reaction mostly is: "I am afraid, it's a toxin".

But ladies and gentleman, let's be honest, how many toxins are used in medicine? Consider just Purple foxglove - Digitalis purpurea, whose extract is used in healing heart disease; also Nightshade - Belladonna, which is used for mydriasis in ophthalmology and as a sedative; or penicillin which is basically a product of molds.

Botulinum toxin used in medicine is totally safe with minimum side and undesirable effects and to be honest so far we haven't had a client with adverse reaction after application of botulinum toxin.

History of the discovery of this toxin falls to the Napoleonic wars when a small epidemic occured that caused the death of many soldiers. It was assumed that it was food poisoning, especially after eating smoked sausage - that's why we call it botulinum toxin - sausage poison (botulum - Latin sausage).

In 1897 it was for the first time isolated the bacterium Clostridium botullinium, and in 1949 was discovered the actual effect of botulinum toxin and that it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle plate, thus the nervous system does not give instructions to the muscle movement, causing partial paralysis of the muscle.

Cosmetic effect of botulinum toxin was for the first time described by American plastic surgeon Dr. Clarck and in 1992 was discovered also it's effect for wrinkles in eye area. In ophthalmology was botulinum toxin used several years ago for removing ticks and patients described disappearance wrinkles as an adverse reaction - side effect of the substance.

In 2002 was botulinum toxin type A (BOTOX) approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe lines without using scalpel and surgery procedures.


Where is botulinum toxin applied and for what it is used in aesthetic dermatology?

Botulinum toxin is applied on face especially in the glabellar lines area - line between the eyebrows ("anger wrinkle"), forehead area - horizontal lines caused by raising forehead ("wonder wrinkle") and eye area - wrinkles by the outer corners of the eyes.

It also can be applied at the sides of the nose created by wrinkling nose, then for removing wrinkles at the upper lip (we don't recommend this application because it often completely blocks move of the upper lip and unables pouting lips when drinking or kissing - it also calls a "Sicilian lip" as it's said that Sicilians don't move upper lip when speaking).

Recently is botulinum toxin also used in the form of MEZOBOTOX which is threefold diluted botulinum toxin than the normal application. This method applies the substance into small surface lines for instance in cheeks, chin and neck and the result is relaxed skin without lines.


Botulinum toxin and excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating in armpits, palms and feet is a serious problem especially for social active people. These people mostly already tried to use everything - antiperspirants, various pharmacy products, herbs, even a psychotherapy. Non of these helped - they come among other people, start to realize that they don't want to sweat, start to be nervous followed by excessive sweating.

In these cases the application of botulinum toxin is an ideal solution. It completely stops sweating in the area of application and this effect lasts 6-9 months.


What else should we add?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, botulinum toxin is an excellent and time-honored method, which don't need to be afraid of. Do not believe the dubious articles that botulinum toxin is addictive like a drug. Yes, it is a habit but in positive meaning.

Just try once and you will understand how awesome is to look in the mirror and not to see the anger wrinkle when not frowning, how pleasant is to be able to have a haircut without bangs that covers the forehead wrinkles and how wonderful is to wear a silk blouse or tight T-shirt without having to be afraid of sweat maps in the armpits.


Where is botulin toxin applied?


  • to the glabella area. That’s the wrinkle between your brows, also known as the wrinkle of anger.
  • to the forehead area. It’s an easy way how to smoothen horizontal wrinkles, also known as wrinkles of surprise.
  • to wrinkles just next to your eyes.

A positive effect of applying botulin toxin to the upper part of your forehead is it also raises the outsides of your eyebrows.

— to wrinkles on the sides of your nose

— to remove wrinkles on your upper lip. At our clinic, however, we try not to perform this procedure too often as it may result in a stiff upper lip. Your upper lip may then be difficult to use for everyday tasks, such as drinking water or kissing. It is more effective to remove these wrinkles with hylauronic acid.


Lately, botulin toxin has been used in the form of Mesobotox — which is botulin toxin, but diluted three times. When using this method, the solution is applied on tiny surface wrinkles on your cheeks, chin or neck. The result is smooth skin with no wrinkles.

When is the right time to start the treatment?

There is no specific age. You may apply botulin toxin from the age of 17. Bad habits may appear at this age, such as frowning with your forehead and eyebrows — and that’s exactly how first wrinkles pop up. A similar phenomenon cen be observed in short-sighted people who do not wear glasses. 

Our youngest clients are about 23 years old and their need for application of BOTOX results not only from the creation of first wrinkle but also from the observation of their mothers who have line between eyebrows significant already at their wedding photo. The upper age limit for applying BOTOX is about 50 years old, in older age wrinkles are already fixed, we observe so-called broken skin, which cannot be affected by this method. In older age there is also a risk of "falling eyelids" because patients often compensate flabby overhanging eyelids by raising a forehead. If this move is blocked by BOTOX eyelids "fall" and face gets a "tired look" - this is also a signal for plastic surgery of upper eyelids.

Based on these experience we can sum up that Botulinum toxin is an excellent prevention against the appearance of wrinkles and it ideally should be applied in the age of 30-50. The upper limit for botulin toxin to have effect is roughly when you turn 50. At a higher age, wrinkles become fixed and an effect known as broken skin appears, which can’t be remove using botulin toxin.


Baby botox

Ide o aplikáciu nižších dávok botulotoxínu typu A, tzv. botoxu do požadovaných oblastí. Aplikáciou polovičných dávok botulotoxínu vrásky zjemníme, ale súčasne zachováme požadovanú mimiku tváre. Efekt je tak prirodzenejší.

Údajne bol vznik baby botoxu ovplyvnený Hollywoodom. Hollywoodske hviezdičky museli na plátne vyjadrovať emócie a to sa so zamrazenou mimikou dalo len veľmi ťažko. Vďaka menšiemu množstvu botulotoxínu zostala ich mimika nezmenená a vrásky menej viditeľné. Trend sa neskôr rozšíril aj medzi bežných ľudí, ktorí túžili vyzerať mladšie, no stále čo najviac prirodzene. 




How do we apply botulin toxin?

The treatment itself is simple and quick,  there are clients who come to apply botulinum toxing during their lunch break. Botulin toxin is applied using a thin needle, also known as insulin needle. You will hardly feel anything. The number of punctures depends on the area, where botulin toxin is being applied, but it usually ranges from 3 to 7. Slight swelling or irritation may appear for a short time after the treatment or a tiny bruise may be visible. It can, however, easily be covered with make up and will disappear within a few days. The effect itself begins in 48 to 72 hours and is fully visible within 2 to 3 weeks.

After the first application, mimic muscles remain immobilised for 3 to 4 months, but eventually this effect lasts for 9 to 12 months upon repeated application.


The treatment itself lasts for about ten minutes.


The do’s and dont´s

You should avoid lying horizontally and leaning forward for 4 to 6 hours after the treatment. We advise you to refrain from alcohol for about two days. Avoid saunas and excessive physical activity, such as exercise. It is also important not to touch the area concerned.

At the same time, we advise you to use the muscles as much as possible. Frown and smile as much as you like and even more. This will only make the treatment more effective.


Pregnancy is a strong contraindication. Congrats to you and we can’t wait to see you after you stop breastfeeding. Autoimmune illnesses also don’t allow us to administer the treatment.


Počas prvých 4-6 hodín po ošetrení dbajte na vzpriamenú polohu hlavy - neodporúčame polohu v ľahu či v predklone. Ošetrovaných miest sa nedotýkajte. Svaly v ošetrovanej oblasti môžete aktívne precvičovať (mračiť sa, čudovať sa, smiať sa).

Prvých 24 hodín sa vyvarujte akejkoľvek fyzickej aktivite, priamemu slnečnému žiareniu a konzumácii alkoholických nápojov.

Návštevu kozmetičky, sauny, solária či laserové ošetrenie odporúčame najskôr týždeň po ošetrení botulotoxínom.

Bežnou reakciou na ošetrenie je vznik začervenania, opuchu, modriniek, svrbenia či bolesti v miestach vpichu, ktorá vymizne spontánne po 2 – 4 dňoch bez akejkoľvek liečby. V ojedinelých prípadoch môže tiež nastať bolesť hlavy trvajúca 24-48 hodín od aplikácie.

O všetkých nežiadúcich účinkoch pretrvávajúcich dlhšie ako 1 týždeň musí klient informovať svojho ošetrujúceho lekára, ktorý naordinuje potrebnú terapiu. Táto terapia môže v extrémnych prípadoch trvať niekoľko mesiacov.



Aplikácia botulotoxínu


Before & After

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


botulotoxin application between eyebrow (glabella)from 120 - 180,- €
botulotoxin application to the foreheadfrom 130,- €
botulotoxin application to the crows feetfrom 120,- €
botulotoxin application to the mouth cornersfrom 60,- €
botulotoxin application to the neck area- Nefertiti effectfrom 120,- €
botulotoxin application to Gummy smile and Bunny linesfrom 60,- €
botulotoxin application to the chin areafrom 60,- €

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