Vessel removal

Removal of extensive coils with a state-of-the-art laser.

Removal of broken blood vessels with a professional laser. YAG laser with a wavelength of 1060 mm effectively removes dilated and cracked coils and vascular deposits on the face, legs and body. The radiation is the process of removing spider veins that have accumulated in the blood pigment - hemoglobin. The energy of the beam is converted into heat, which leads to the destruction of the vessel and its removal.

The laser beam penetrates the skin, accumulates in the red blood pigment and burns out the vessel. The healing process is faster than sclerotization and subsequent bandaging is not required in this case. The vessels are destroyed by the laser, but remain in the skin at the treated site and are gradually absorbed by the skin, which takes different amounts of time for each person. Mild conditions improve significantly within a month. To improve or remove cheek vessels, at least 2-3 sessions are required, one month apart. Complicated vessels require more repetitions.

Odstraňovanie rozšírených cievok pomocou ND:YAG lasera

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Removing coils
The first 100 pulses
Cena v závislosti na počtu impulsů, velikosti cév, resp. oblasti.
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The procedures are also available in installments

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