World’s best — application of your body’s own plasma enriched with platelets.

The Swiss RegenPlazma technology, also known as PRP (plasma rich in platelets) is the purest form of blood plasma application thus far. It serves to rejuvenate your skin and treat the skin on your head. Up to 80% of your own growth factors can be activated during the treatment. Unlike other methods, no chemical activators are used, which eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and any individual intolerance.

What is PRP RegenPlazma®?

PRP RegenPlazma® uses skin cell stimulation with your body’s own material. Growth factors contained in platelets behave as cell stimulators and rebuilders of tired cells. They actually force  the damaged cells to renew and repair themselves. Plasma, in which a high percentage of blood platelets is preserved is called PRP and is rich in thrombocytes. It is used to heal and regenerate far better than anything else known to man. For example, if you cut yourself and the wound heals, that’s plasma at work for you.

Application procedure and PRP RegenPlazma® treatment effects

A-PRP (autologous, meaning body’s own) plasma is acquired when a tiny sample of your blood is taken. The plasma is then separated in a special centrifuge and applied into your skin and subcutis. Minimal pain is involved, yet the procedure is very effective. Just like mesotherapy, very thin needles are used. Because your own plasma is used, the treatment is also suitable for allergic people and clients with highly sensitive skin.


PRP plays a vital role in triggering regeneration of hair follicles, it supports growth and hair tissue restoration which leads to stronger hair of a higher quality. A process of hair follicle restoration can also be achieved. The treatment is effective for androgynous alopecia (caused by male hormonal imbalance) as well as alopecia areata (an immune system deficiency causing hair loss in a certain area).

Treatment Effects

The treatment is effective after 6 to 9 A-PRP plasma application after 14 to 30 days. Maintenance: 1 treatment every 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, especially for men. In case of improvement, the treatment proceeds until the desired effect is achieved.


Before & After

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1 application:from 160,- €
when purchasing a package of 6 applications, the client receives a 15% discount

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