Cryo fat freezing treatment


Cryolipolysis - or fat reduction by freezing is weight loss with confidence. Currently the most effective non-invasive method for reducing subcutaneous fat. Adipocyte fat crystallizes and the dead cells are flushed away by the lymphatic system.

This method is maximally effective, safe, without side effects and natural for the body. It is a body sculpting method, not a treatment for obesity. Body mass index should not exceed the numerical value of 30. The most desirable areas are the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, lower back and inner shoulders.

Before the treatment

A cryoprotectant is applied to the skin to protect the surface layers of the skin. The application head combines the effects of vacuum and selective cryotechnology. The skin algae with the fat are "sucked" into the cryochamber, where the cooling process takes place with the help of Peltier cells. Controlled heat removal takes place in a closed circuit. Subcutaneous fat cells (adipocytes), which are rich in saturated fatty acids, are very sensitive to the effects of cold. Since the fat freezes at higher temperatures than the skin, it crystallizes, while the skin remains cool under the action of the device.

During the treatment

The client feels a slight pressure and an initial local cold sensation that quickly subsides. The treatment is pleasant and lasts 30 minutes or longer. After the treatment, we observe redness of the skin and "stiffening" of the skin algae at the application site, which disappears within a few minutes. You will notice about 40% of the final effect after 2 weeks, but you will have to wait at least 6 weeks for the final result. After this time, we will decide on possible further application in the area in question. The average percentage loss is about 20-25% of the treated fat tissue.

The method is painless, does not disturb the integrity of the skin and has no recovery time. This method does not impose any requirements on your dietary habits, taking medications or exercising. To maintain the achieved result, it is necessary to stabilize his weight.

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The procedures are also available in installments

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