Radiofrequency Lifting

Noninvasive lifting using the Protége Elite device.

Protége Elite is designed to lift your eyelids, cheeks and the contours of your face in a noninvasive way. After radiofrequency treatment is administered, new collagen is produced in your skin — this process is known as neocollagenesis. The skin then stretches, slight lifting appears, wrinkles are smoothened and the contours of your face are renewed. Unlike laser treatment, this procedure is great for all skin types.

Who is the treatment for

For clients with first signs of an ageing or loosening facial skin.

During the treatment

The treatment is based on monopolar radiofrequency technology which triggers production of new collagen in your skin.


A sophisticated firm gel plate is used to heat up the inner layer of your skin and as a result, the skin stretches immediately. The plate delivers a controlled amount of energy from radiofrequency currents and heats up large amounts of collagen in the lower layers of your skin and skin fibres. The surface of your skin is cooled using the cryocooling technology.


After some time, the skin starts producing new collagen which causes the skin to stretch even further.


Radionfrequency lifting is to be avoided if you’ve recently undergone some treatments, such as hyaluronic acid or botulin toxin application. A period of 3 weeks to a month needs to pass between treatments, but we do recommend 3 months.



Usually, a total of 4 procedures is needed every 10 days. The effects are visible for up to a year.


A visible improvement appears gradually in 2 to 6 months after the treatment.

Collagen production

Your skin consists of three layers: a visible surface layer called epidermis. Underneath, a further layer can be found: it’s called dermis and is rich with collagen. The last layer is known as the subcutaneous layer. It contains fat and a network of collagen fibres.


In all layers, collagen is degraded due to the skin being exposed to sunlight, the ageing process or congenital reasons. That’s when your facial features seem to loosen and first wrinkles appear. Obviously, your skin is able to renew itself to a certain extent, but it can’t do much about how much collagen is produced in your dermis and other skin layers.

Special offer

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


Price of the procedure (40 minutes) :120,- €
Complete face and neck treatment:150,- €
Neck and décolletage treatment:100,- €
Pass - 4x facial preparations400,- €
Pass - 4x face and neck treatment500,- €
Pass - 4x treatment of neck and décolletage340,- €

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