Xanthelasma is a particular type of skin lesion. The name is derived from Greek and contains the name of the color - yellow. Xanthelasma are one or more yellow spots of different sizes on the upper or lower eyelids. They are visibly yellow to orange in color and cannot be covered with makeup.

This condition usually occurs in middle-aged men and women as a result of a metabolic disorder of fat cells, usually genetic. The plasma contains increased fat cells and these tend to settle in the thin skin of the eyelids. The surgical intervention corrects the consequences, not the disease itself, which is why a repeat operation may be necessary.

Preoperative preparation

It is necessary to stop taking anticoagulant medications - acylpyrine, anopyrine, ticline, agrenox - for at least 10-14 days before the procedure. The drugs warfarin and orfarin must be replaced by other drugs.

During the procedure

The surgical procedure depends on the extent of the spots and must be performed carefully. For small stains, it is sufficient to remove the stain with a scalpel and suture the skin. In case of larger stains, the entire area must be corrected. Sometimes we also recommend a complete correction of the eyelids. In some cases it is necessary to transplant the damaged skin, usually the skin behind the ear.

If the skin is hard and not elastic, we recommend another procedure - blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).

Postoperative care

For the first few days, the patient must adhere to a quiet regime. The most ideal position is half sitting. The patient should not lean forward, lift heavy objects, or perform activities that significantly increase blood pressure. Watching TV is also not recommended. A few nights after exercise, it is advisable to sleep on the back, with elevated head position and two pillows. Bathing and sauna visits are forbidden until the stitches are removed. Following these instructions will reduce the risk of post-operative bleeding, bruising and swelling.

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.

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