Mastopexy, Breastlift

Correct your breasts and make them firmer with a simple surgery

Breast modelling, lifting is a surgical procedure that corrects the shape, position and firmness of breasts.

This invasive surgery performed under general anaesthesia removes superfluous skin on and around your breasts. It also reshapes the tissue - the breast gland - so that the nipple and the areola can be moved into a suitable position. Thus, the overall shape of your breasts is improved. The treatment is always overseen by an experienced professional and the satisfaction of our clients always comes first.

Who is the treatment for?

The treatment is ideal for clients who lost their breast gland volume after excessive weight loss, when the breast skin becomes loose or atrophy appears.

Before the treatment

The treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation with our professional plastic surgeon. The consultation is an important part of the whole process. Here, the clients will talk about their expectations and after a complex examination, the surgeon will asses possibilities to establish which expectations can be met.


Additional examinations are needed before any treatment performed under general anaesthesia. Internal examination is necessary to establish if the treatment can be performed at all. For the internal examination, blood samples need to be taken for haematological and biochemical examination of the internal environment. Breast USG is also necessary. All examinations needed before the treatment can also be performed at our clinic.


Before the treatment itself, the client needs to refrain from eating and drinking for at least 6 hours. Smoking is prohibited at least 14 days before the treatment.

During the treatment

The client is expected at the clinic an hour before the surgery. Premedication is administered after changing clothes. The surgeon then uses a felt pen to mark the place where the nipple/areola will be moved. Pre-surgery photos are also be taken. After disinfecting and draping the surgical site, the surgery is performed. Finally, a temporary tube may be inserted in the wound to drain excess fluid from the surgical site. The wounds are then covered with a sterile dressing and the client is given a fixation bra or a compression bandage.


Aftercare and Recovery

After the treatment, the client spends the night at the clinic. Intravenous treatment and analgesics are administered. Members of our staff are available at all times. Wounds are again bandaged the day after the treatment and drains are removed. The client is then free to leave the clinic. In the immediate aftermath of the treatment, that is for 48 hours afterwards, the client may wash her breasts but should always keep the wound dry.


Aftercare check-ups are always performed upon agreement. In special cases, immediate check-ups can be performed. The first of them follows in up to 14 days after the treatment, when stitches are removed. At this time, we do recommend the client stays at home. The most demanding activities may only be performed after 6-8 weeks. It is necessary to wear a fixation bra at all times for up to 8 weeks.


Swelling after the treatment is common. Signs of swelling may be visible for up to a month after the treatment. Further complication may include bleeding, pain, keloid scar, increased sensitivity in the scar area or asymmetrical placement of areolas and nipples. However, perfect symmetry can not be expected even under the best of circumstances. Marginal necrosis of the skin or the areola may also appear, but it can be resolved by tattooing.

Before & After

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The procedures are also available in installments

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