Lip Enlargemnet, Correction around the Lips

Beautiful lips at any age - increase of the volume of the lips and elimination of wrinkles around the lips

Beautiful lips are not a matter of age.

Blossoming symmetric lips can work wonders. At our clinic, we apply hylauronic acid to either augment them — if our clients are not happy with the shape or size of their lips, or to remove wrinkles from around their lips — this usually applies to clients of a certain age. We use hylauronic acid and inject it straight into the lips. An we use it because it minimises swelling and other side effects. Your lips will be soft, tender and natural.

Application and material

If you’re looking to augment your lips, we will simply change their volume and shape by injecting hylauronic acid. If you want to remove wrinkles, we will work on the lines of your lips. This will not only make your wrinkles disappear, but also make them more beautiful.


To augment your lips and smoothen the wrinkles, we use hylauronic acid, which is absorbed easily. Other materials, like collagen, have a number of side effects, such as lip deformation or allergies. Bundles may also appear with these materials and a surgery is then needed to remove them. On the other hand, hylauronic acid is completely safe, as it’s natural to our skin.


NEW — RESTYLANE KYSSE: Lip volumization — the newest method to make your lips more beautiful and natural. It straightens asymmetries, increases volume and shapes the lips perfectly. Lips also remain naturally soft.

Durng the treatment

Before the treatment, we talk to the client to establish what the desired effect should be. The treatment is usually divided into two separate applications. First, we apply a half to two thirds of the ampule. After roughly two weeks it’s time for a second application, when we use the rest of the material. With our regular clients, it’s also possible, to do all this within a single session, as they usually know what they expect. The treatment itself lasts for 5 to 7 minutes.


There’s minimal swelling in the immediate aftermath of the treatment. The clients can immediately return to their everyday routine. Lipstick may also be applied immediately. For a few days, swelling may be expected in the morning, but it won’t influence your usual activities and will be gone within a few days. In two weeks, swelling subsides and the material settles.


Officially, the effect lasts for up to 12 months. Experience shows though, that it usually lasts for a few months more, sometimes for as long as two years.

Minimal pain involved

There’s minimal pain during the treatment. RESTYLANE products contain a local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything for a few minutes right after it’s applied. Should there be a problem, though, we can always apply creme, which also contains local anaesthetics.


Acute virus or bacterial infection — herpes or other infections of the lip. In this case, the treatment needs to be postponed by a few days.

ENVY recommends

If you watch yourself in the mirror every day and long for beautiful lips, there’s nothing to worry about. At ENVY, we prefer a natural look. We certainly don’t want to make your lips look like balloons, you won’t look like one of those celebrities we all know. What we can guarantee, however, is the perfect natural look.

Volumizácia pier, korekcia okolia pier.


Before & After


Special offer

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


0.5 ml applicationfrom 160, - €
1 ml applicationfrom 280, - €

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