Breast augmentation with own fat


The perfect non-invasive method for a better look Implants work really well, but non-invasive is non-invasive. Now, you can use your own fat to enlarge your breasts by as much as one size. And the result? Natural and soft breasts. The other massive advantage is you’ll also get rid of fat from other parts of your body at the same time. Local anaesthesia is needed for the treatment and there are no scars afterwards.

Our clinic offers you also another, less common and non-invasive method of breast enlargement – with your own fat. Using this new method, the breasts can be increased by one size. But the result is worth it – absolutely natural and soft breasts. Another advantage is that in a single procedure you can get rid of your fat on the places where you do not want it to have. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, with no visible scars.

Who is autoaugmentation for?

- Clients who want larger breasts but refuse silicone implants

- Clients who prefer natural breast augmentation

- Clients who already have silicone implants, but noticed their breasts sagging

- Clients with breast asymmetry

If you don’t like implants and prefer enlarging your breasts the natural way, this is the perfect method just for you. Also, if you already have implants but they are sagging or if you have asymmetric breasts, autoaugmentation may be the solution.


The treatment is suitable for clients with silicon implants, who have noticed their breasts are sagging. When your own fat is applied to upper parts of your breasts, they will be lifted. Also, they’ll get more volume and a natural look. If you feel your implants are “too far apart”, try applying your own fat into specific areas: their shape and appearance may improve.





Lifting breasts with sillicon implants

The procedure is also suitable for clients who have silicone implants and have noticed their breasts sagging. By applying the client’s own fat into the upper part of the breasts the breasts will be lifted and furthermore they will get more volume and a natural look. If your breasts with implants are “too far” apart, by applying your own fat into specific areas their shape and appearance can also be improved.

The treatment

Autoaugmentation is an outpatient procedure. For it to be successful, you obviously need enough of your own fat. Also, your skin must be elastic enough and your breast muscles strong enough. You’ll be sedated and local anaesthesia is involved, so there’s no pain whatsoever.


Liposuction is the first step, in which enough of your own fat is extracted. Next, the fat is processed and applied. It is applied with a fine cannula in several places within the desired area. The cannula marks will disappear after a few weeks and the same applies to marks left where the fat was removed.


The results are visible right after the surgery, but the final effect can usually be observed after three months, once the fat settles. A part of it is naturally absorbed into the body — however due to the advanced technology at our clinic, this amount is minimal. Thus, the treatment is as effective as possible.

How we do it


The main objective of the fat transfer is to avoid its total absorption and to maintain the desired effect. In every transfer of fat cells, also stem cells contained in the fat are transferred. Well processed and applied fat gets into a direct contact with the surrounding tissue and the blood vessels that are growing into fat cells and also nourish them.

This surgery is becoming increasingly popular, also thanks to the result that is more stable than in the past. This is thanks to a progress in the form of improved technologies, the fat application method, as well as the procedures for removal and processing of fat (purification, stabilizing).

To remove the fat the American revolutionary device Vaser 2.0 (VASERLipo technology) is used and to process the fat the Puregraft method is used - the fat containing stem cells is cleaned of admixtures of blood and oil. Studies have been conducted to compare methods of processing fat before auto-application. With the Puregraft method, the desired effect accounted for 41.2%, while with centrifugation it was only 31.8%. Thus the resulting effect is stronger and more stable because the body absorbs only a minimal amount of fat applied.

The aim for is to avoid complete absorption of fat and for the process to be completed seamlessly. When fat cells are transferred, stem cells contained in them are transferred too. If the fat is processed and applied properly, it gets into direct contact with the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. These naturally grow into fat cells and nourish them.


With improving results, this treatment is becoming ever more popular. Technology, fat application methods and fat removal and processing procedures have improved dramatically in the last few years.


At our clinic, we use the revolutionary American device Vaser 2.0 (also known as VaserLipo technology) to remove the fat and the Puregraft method to process it. The fat containing stem cells is thus cleaned of blood and oil. Studies show Puregraft is superior to traditional procedures: the effectivity of centrifugation is only 31,8%, while Puregraft’s effectivity stands at 41,2%.


This means the body only absorbs a minimal amount of the fat and the resulting effect is stronger and more stable.


Autoaugmentation is a non-invasive method with minimal effects on your body. Recovery is virtually painless and no scars remain. The procedure only takes a few hours to complete and you’re free to leave afterwards.


However, it is very important to wear elastic post-surgery underwear for  period of two to four weeks. Of course, the client should rest in the period immediately after the procedure. Should it be necessary to replenish the fat, the procedure can be repeated after six months.


Before & After

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.

The procedures are also available in installments

Would you be interested in the procedure but can not afford to pay for it all at once? Envy Clinic in cooperation with HOME Credit offers you a loan for our services from 100 euros up to 3000 euros with a repayment period of up to 20 months! You will complete all the requirements for the credit in a few minutes directly at our reception.


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