Envy Premeny

Eye circles removal and cheek filling

FACE CONTOURING is a great and very reliable face rejuvenization method using hyaluronic acid. During the treatment, cheekbones, jaw and chin are highlighted. Circles under the eyes are masked and this also leads to nose correction. The result is a much younger look.

“I decided to undergo the treatment, because I realised my facial features are not as fresh and flexible as they once used to be. Being a mother of two is demanding and especially today. You want to look good, yet have enough time for your work and your family. I therefore decided to undergo the treatment, to make my skin look younger, tighter and more flexible", says Veronika.

We removed the dark circles under Veronika’s eyes using a unique method custom made for the highly sensitive eye area. We applied hyaluronic acid into the cheek area to emphasise her cheekbone and generally give her a brighter look. The results are visible straight away and the effect will get even better with time. Don’t forget about drinking enough water as it only improves the effect.

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