Envy Premeny

Wrinkles removal and slight lip volumisation

Along with lip correction and volumisation, wrinkles removal using botulin toxin is one of the most common procedures. Botulin toxin application also serves as prevention against wrinkles. Volumnisation makes your lips more beautiful while maintaining their natural look.

“I decided to go for it because, really, I knew I was getting older. For me, thirty nine is sufficient motivation. I was surprised to see how quickly, perfectly and painlessly everything went,” says Mirka smiling.

We applied botulin toxin to the eye area and it’s important to emphasise many ladies really do have problems with wrinkles in that particular area. A further problem was the so called wrinkle of wreath, which we removed using botulin toxin, too.

Lip volumnisation was the last part of the treatment. Our client has beautiful lips, but they were just that little bit too narrow. The results are even more beautiful and yet natural. We applied hyaluronic acid with a clearly visible effect which will be ever more visible as time passes.

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