In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, Envy Clinic regularly organises trainings led by our specialists with years of experience. The trainings always take place in groups and cover the topics of aesthetic dermatology or plastic surgery. The practical part of the trainings is followed by a presentation of our own treatment results and their interpretation. If you are a doctor and you are interested in participating in one of our trainings, please contact us at 055/67 61 666 or

Brazilian Butt - Fat Transfer

MUDr. Mahdi Nasab is the head of Envy’s plastic surgery department. He is a plastic and aesthetic surgeon and specialises in VaserLipo. He also gives seminars and courses on the groundbreaking fat transfer method.

Fat transfer is a revolutionary ultrasound method using the VASERLipo equipment, which allows you to have beautiful Brazilian buttocks but can also be used to augment your breasts using your own fat. The rear (or breasts) you’ve always dreamed of will be created by removing fat from your waist and belly in order to enhance it. It is also possible to use fat from other body parts, such as thighs. Removed fat will then be modified and applied to other areas. Your rear (breasts) will thus obtain new volume and shape. The biggest advantage of the method is using body’s own fat cells instead of silicone implants.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the training, do contact us at


Botulinum Toxin Application Training

The seminar is led by MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová, our expert corrective dermatologist, who also conducts trainings in filling materials.

The training itself lasts 5 hours and consisted of two parts: theory and practice.

The first theoretical part served to provide the doctors with basic information about botulin toxin, what it consists of, how it behaves, what options it provides and what the possible side effects are.

Practice focused on direct botulin toxin application on models. This is where the doctors could show off their skills.

At the end of the training, the doctors are given a certificate about having successfully completed the training, meaning they are now free to use and apply botulin toxin themselves.

Botulin toxin is applied on the face, especially in the glabela area - that is the so called wrinkle of wreath usually caused by eyebrow movement. Botulin toxin is the ideal solution if you sweat too much especially. Once botulin toxin is applied, all sweating is gone in some areas for as long as 6 to 9 months.

“While I focus on aesthetic medicine, I try to emphasise the natural beauty of a woman without really changing the way she looks too much. I would like to emphasise that even women over 40 can be beautiful without having to undergo radical treatment,” concludes MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová.

Our clinic also serves as a training centre for filling materials application and laser treatment.

T-Systems Health Week

Yet again, we spent some quality time at the regular Health Days event organised by Union Insurance. This time, we went to T-Systems

We’ve been working with Union on a regular basis for some time now and cooperate to make food intolerance tests more accessible. For us, this was another chance to showcase what we do and answer all the questions the participants had.

If you’re interested in free consultations with MUDr. Daniela Balcová, do contact her at

More information about food intolerance tests here.

Health Days at Prešov University

It’s June 7th today and we’d like to say hello to you from Prešov University, where, together with Union, we’ve organised our third Health Days. With Union, we cooperate to make food intolerance tests more accessible and also get a chance to talk about what we do. We also answer all questions of students and employees of the university.

Next up, on June 25th, it’s Whirlpool in Poprad. If there’s anything you wish to consult, let us know at

UNION Health Days

Union Insurance regularly organises Health Days for employees of different companies. Since we’ve been cooperating with Union on supporting food intolerance tests for a while, we were very happy to accept the invitation to present what we do and answers all questions of Siemens employees.

And what were their questions?

Many people suffer from chronic problems and don’t know what to do with them, so we told them what can be done with regards to food intolerance tests. Food intolerance can lead to different types of skin diseases, such as eczema, acne and acute headache or migraine.

Many questions were asked about vitamin C infusion treatment. Our body only has a limited number of receptors to use the vitamin from pills and it’s not enough to eat something healthy once in a while. In this case, infusion is necessary, especially if you’re under physical or mental pressure. It also applies to some chronic diseases, such as allergies and inflammations. Some of our guests even used the occasion to immediately book a consultation about the treatment. Obviously, “real” vitamins - that is fruit - were also available.

Since we also care about weight optimisation and nourishment, we also answered individual questions on this. We’re known as an aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic and there were also plenty of questions regarding our specialisation.

We’re very much looking forward to partners we’re about to meet in the near future:
T-Systems, Košice, May 25th, 2016
Prešov University, Prešov, June 7th, 2016
Whirlpool, Poprad, June 25th, 2016

If there’s anything you wish to consult, let us know at


YVOIRE hyaluronic acid application training

At our Košice branch, we conducted a YVOIRE hyaluronic acid application training on March 13th, 2016. The training was lead by Dr. Fundara Salvatore Piera, a respected Italian doctor and specialist in this innovative treatment. Mr. Piera works as a plastic surgeon in Modena, Italy.

He’s been applying YVOIRE hyaluronic acid for over three years and has been a regular speaker at the world congress held in Monaco.

In Košice, he told us about his experience about the best indication and showed us how to reach the best effect to satisfy our customers.

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