For more than 10 years, some of the more famous people have been visiting ENVY, as they value our professionals and the quality we provide.


Dara RolinsSingerMORE

Dara is our ambassador. Last summer she had her birthmarks checked at our Bratislava branch. She was treated by MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová.

Removal of birthmarks, warts or growths
Adela BanášováEntertainerMORE

Adela came to relax and have her skin reinvigorated. Her favourite cosmetic treatment is thermolifting.

Radiofrequency lifting
Jitka KlettFashion DesignerMORE

Jitka came to relax, regenerate and have her skin reinvigorated after being on the road for a while and finishing a string of fashion shows in Dubai. Our great beautician Oxana took perfect care of her.

Lina MayerSingerMORE

Lina underwent the OxyGeneo beauty treatment.

Thomas PuskailerMusicianMORE

Thomas tried the E-FIT exercise and also underwent the OxyGeneo beauty treatment.

Kristína KormúthováBusinesswomanMORE

Kristína underwent skin reinvigoration.

“I spent a long time looking for aesthetic treatment to help me keep my skin young and shiny. I heard there was a specialist in skin reinvigoration at Envy Clinic and her name was MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová. She recommended the innovated Vampire method. It supports natural collagen production and supports hydration. I never thought the treatment can be almost painless but it really is true.

Vampire Facial Matrix
Libor KomosnýFashion DesignerMORE

Libor decided to sort out the additional fat around his waist with the VaserLipo method.

“The treatment itself was just so simple and everything was cool. I was scared of liposuction, didn’t like the word. If I only knew how simple the treatment is, I’d have undergone it a long time ago. The effect vas visible immediately and got even better after some time. I’d like to let all men know it’s perfect. There’s not just female beauty - beauty is for men, too.

Lukáš KimličkaFashion Designer and PhotographerMORE

Lukás had his birthmarks checked and then removed with a laser.

“I was surprised by how simple and quick the treatment is. I was worried it would involve surgical removal, that I’d have stitches and then scars. But after having a look, MUDr. Tatiana Hudáková told me the birthmarks are just fibroma and can be removed using a laser. It only took a few minutes and there was just a tiny scab, no bleeding. After a week I couldn’t even tell where the birthmark once was. Everything healed well and quickly. I definitely recommend the treatment as it’s so simple, painless and the results are great.”

Removal of birthmarks, warts or growths
Mária ZelinováModel, ModeratorMORE

“I don’t visit Košice too often and I always only stay for a single day but I try to use my time effectively and spend it at Envy Clinic. I am very excited with the job MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová has done so far. I’ve had 4D photoreinvigoration and could see the results straight away. My skin was smooth, tight and healthy. I can only recommend ENVY."

Laser skin peeling
Jana MutňanskáFashion ReporterMORE

"Visible blood vessels were a bit of a problem for me for quite some time so I had them removed. I am very pleased with the result as it was visible immediately. MUDr. Mahdi Nasab always explained everything to me and was very outgoing. I am very much looking forward to my next visit!"

Vessel removal
Miroslava LuberdováModel, Nutrition SpecialistMORE

"There are many aesthetic medicine clinics in Bratislava, but I only ever go to ENVY as I trust them completely. MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová always knows what’s best for me. The best reference for me is that no one can ever tell I had any treatment at all. They take care of my face and body. I try to live a healthy life and Envy is just perfect for me, as they focus on a natural look, too."

Laser hair removal Light Sheer Duet

Braňo (a.k.a. Bejzo) underwent skin photorejuvenisation.

Andrea TatarkováFirst Vicemiss of Czechoslovakia 1991, BusinesswomanMORE

"I can only recommend ENVY. The place is great and the team are very friendly, but most of all, they are first class professionals. I completely trust MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová. So far I’ve tried mesolift and radiofrequency. What I like is, that I get to see the result immediately after the treatment."

Radiofrequency lifting
Renáta TokárováMrs. Globe Slovakia 2009MORE

"The city of Košice is not that far but I usually only go shopping there. This time, however, I visited ENVY and tried the Vital Injector treatment. I am very pleased with the results, as I could see them the day after. My skin is just a lot tighter, fresher and livelier. Thank you to the whole team and I hope to come to Envy more often."

ENVY Therapy® Vital
Petra PolnišováActressMORE

Petra underwent the Renlive dermacosmetics skin treatment.

ENVY Therapy® Cosmetic Treatments
Fero MikloškoFashion DesignerMORE

Fero underwent ultherapy with Dr. Zuzana Kožuchová.

Silvia ProcházkováMiss Universe 2014MORE

Silvia went for the Lightsheer Duet laser epilation.

Laser hair removal Light Sheer Duet
Zoli SallaiMember of Music Band NO NAMEMORE

Zoli had his birthmarks checked by MUDr. Zuzana Kožuchová.

EVELYNComic, EntertainerMORE

Evelyn chose the relaxing OxyGeneo skin treatment.

Milan ŠvingálFashion DesignerMORE

Milan underwent the Mesolift Vital Injector treatment. Immediate hydration and skin freshness in guaranteed.

ENVY Therapy® Vital
Tomáš PalonderActor, SingerMORE

Tomáš discovered the magic of E-Fit to recover some of his energy and endorphins.

Natália LenártováProfessional FitnessMORE

Before every competition, Natália needs to get into shape and our Thermolifting skin treatment helps her achieve just that.

Radiofrequency lifting
Rasťo Holubec a Ferko MikloškoFashion Designer and his PR ManagerMORE

Fero is one of our famous regulars and his business partner never misses out on a chance to visit our clinic when in the east of Slovakia.

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