Tumescent liposuction

The plastic surgeon uses thin cannulas to suck a series of millimeters through the problem areas, which are first infiltrated by the tumor solution. It completely dissolves the excess subcutaneous fat and locally anesthetizes the area, which the surgeon then aspirates.

During the procedure

In tumescent liposuction, a needle connected by a tube to a container with the diluted solution is used to introduce a large amount of the infiltration solution into the treated, previously marked area. Tumescent liposuction is usually performed on patients who require only local anesthesia. This procedure takes longer than traditional liposuction (maximum 3 hours, but usually only 2 hours). Since the solution contains physiological (saline) solution and adrenaline (causes constriction of blood vessels) as well as a certain amount of anesthetic - narcotic (usually lidocaine), no further anesthesia is required. In addition to the anesthetic effect, the anesthetic contained in the infiltration solution also has a lipophilic effect, i.e. it causes superficial destruction of fat cells without side effects, which can be freely aspirated into thin 2 mm cannulas. This technique usually consumes 2-3 times more fluid than the volume of fat suctioned. The result is swelling (tumescence) of the subcutaneous tissue, which is of course temporary and allows the use of thin, round cannulas whose diameter we would have to double or triple if we were working with unfiltered tissue. Before the actual suction, we have to wait for the anesthetic to start working, sometimes up to 40 minutes. Then the suction is performed using liposuction cannulas. Since the patient does not need to be anesthetized, it is possible to position the patient during the procedure and ensure the best possible suction of the fat deposits.

Liposukcia Vaser Lipo PRED a PO (Libor Komosný)


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