Breast augmentation


No doubt, breasts have been the crown of beauty of the woman´s body. The size, shape and overall appearance of the breast are important aspects of woman’s self-confidence.

Breast augmentation is precisely the one tool to achieve the desired size, fullness and shape of your breasts. Once you’re an adult it is possible to undergo breast augmentation at any point. It is an invasive treatment performed under general anaesthesia. These days, it is also a very common treatment which improves the quality of your life in many ways.

Who is breast augmentation for?

• Aesthetic and psychological reasons - low volume of breasts

• Reduction of breasts in conjunction with weight reduction

• Loss of breast volume following breastfeeding

• Breast asymmetry - different size and shape of breasts

If you feel your breast size is too small, you may undergo the treatment for aesthetic or psychological reasons. If your breasts have become smaller due to weight loss or breast feeding, you may consider it ,too. Also, one of the most common reasons is breast asymmetry, when your breasts are of different shapes or sizes.

Choosing the implant

When choosing the implant, it is important to consider the size - most importantly, the implant must suit the breast gland. During the treatment, the implant is inserted under or above the breast muscle. Implants may be round or anatomically shaped and may have a smooth or textured surface. The type and size of the implant depend mainly on your own idea of the breast shape.


The treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation with our professional plastic surgeon. The consultation is an important part of the whole treatment. Here, the client will talk about her expectations and after a complex examination, the surgeon will asses possibilities to tell the client which expectations can be met.


Additional examinations are needed before any treatment performed under general anaesthesia. Internal examination is necessary to establish if the treatment can be performed at all. For the internal examination, blood samples need to be taken for haematological and biochemical examination of the internal environment. Breast USG is also necessary. All examinations needed before the treatment can be performed at our clinic.


Before the treatment itself, the client needs to refrain from eating and drinking for at least 6 hours. Smoking is prohibited at least 14 days before the treatment. It is also recommended to stop using hormonal contraception for 1 to 3 months before the treatment and we do recommend you only undergo the treatment after half a year to a year after breastfeeding.

Before the treatment

The surgery is preceded by detailed consultation with the plastic surgeon. Consultation is an important part of the whole process. At the outset, the client will tell the doctor of her idea of ​​the appearance and size of her breasts. The doctor will examine the client, will measure her and then will advise her in choosing the suitable implant and the post-surgery bra.

Before the surgery performed under general anaesthesia it is necessary to undergo additional examinations: internal pre-surgery examination, blood taking and breast USG. Pre-surgery examinations can be made at the internal department of our clinic.

Before the surgery you must not eat and drink for at least 6 hours. You must not smoke for at least 14 days before the surgery. Before the surgery you should not take hormonal contraception for at least 1-3 months. The patients should wait a half or one year from the last breastfeeding.

During the treatment

The client is expected at the clinic an hour before the surgery. Premedication is administered after changing clothes. 


The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and takes 60 to 90 minutes. After disinfecting and draping the surgical site, the surgery itself is performed. The incision is either axillary – in the armpit, sub-mammary - in the crease below the breast, or periareolar - around the areola. Subsequently, the surgeon performs a short incision to create a hole for the breast implant to be inserted. The wounds are stitched in anatomical layers afterwards. The length of the scar is usually 4-5 cm. Finally, a temporary tube may be inserted in the wound to drain excess fluid. The wounds are covered with a sterile dressing and the client is given a fixation bra or a compression bandage.


Aftercare check-ups are always performed based on a schedule agreed with the client. In special cases, immediate check-ups can be performed. The first of them follows in up to 14 days after the treatment, when stitches are removed. At this time, we do recommend the client stays at home. Up until the first check-up, the client should wear a fixation bra at all times. In the first 2 to 3 days, we recommend a wet towel or napkins to perform personal hygiene in affected areas.


After the surgery, the client will stay at the inpatient department of the clinicfor one night. The client will be administered infusion and analgesic therapy and qualified staff will monitor all physiological functions. On the second day after the surgery the dressings will be changed and the temporary drain tubes will be removed. The client will then be discharged into home treatment, accompanied by another person.

Post-surgery check-ups are always carried out after agreement with the surgeon. In urgent cases, the check-up may be carried out immediately. The first check-up is carried out within 14 days after the surgery, when the stitches will be removed. During these 14 days, we recommend that the client not go to work. Until the first check-up, the client should wear a post-surgery bra during the day and overnight. For personal hygiene in the upper body during the first two to three post-surgery days, we recommend using a wet towel or wet wipes.


We recommend wearing a special bra to keep the implants in the correct position for up to four weeks after the treatment. It is important to avoid all demanding activities and refrain from straining your upper limbs for 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery, as this may lead to poor healing and to the implants changing their position. The final result is only visible once the wound is completely healed and the swelling gone. This may take up to 2 to 3 months after the surgery.


Swelling and pain may appear, as well as capsular contracture. It is important to note that smoking makes the healing process more difficult and may lead to complication.

Augmentácia prsníkov @lussimakeupartist

Augmentácia prsníkov @lussimakeupartist

Augmentácia prsníkov @lussimakeupartist

Augmentácia prsníkov s @lussimakeupartist

Augmentácia prsníkov s @lussimakeupartist

Augmentácia prsníkov s @lussimakeupartist

Zväčšenie prsníkov implantátmi B-Lite

Zväčšenie prsníkov implantátmi B-Lite


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Special offer

K tomuto produktu nemáme zatiaľ žiadne hodnotenia.


The price includes: surgery, anaesthesia, implants, 24-48 hours’ stay at the post-surgery care unit in a luxury room, meals, and check-up. If you choose another brand of implants, the price may increase.from 3050,- €

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